Sue Larimer for Perrysburg School Board

Schools are about People, not Politics!

Community Letter Regarding Recent Events
by School Superintendent Tom Hosler and Counsel

Facility Dogs at Perrysburg Schools

Facility Dogs are specially trained to provide physical, social, cognitive and/or emotional assistance to individuals in schools/classrooms as well as in other public settings. These dogs have gone through at least a year of specialty training and have the capacity to assist and participate in the school system to help support students. To learn more, visit the Perrysburg School Foundation’s web page by clicking here. 

The Perrysburg Schools 2022-2023 Calendar
is here!

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Sue's Platform

Let’s rid ourselves
of the divisiveness
We have more in common
than not
Principles and people
over politics
To serve the District and our community well, financial planning is a must:
– a 5, 10, 20 year master plan
– strong financial oversight committee
– zealous cost-saving plans per department
For our current and future Jackets, secure our motto:
Ensuring all students achieve their greatest potential

❤️ our Students and Staff!


  • “Check-In with Sue” events around town
  • Hundreds of emails answered with personalized, individualized responses
  • Presenting your ideas, handouts, and questions during Board discussion times


  • Many ideas brought to me have resulted in positive changes, such as:
    – New over the counter med policy to allow them to come to school more easily
    – Increased security protocols
    – Creation of Board subcommittees to investigate curriculum concerns
  • Our hybrid system for ‘20-21 was copied throughout the state
  • Attended many educational webinars


  • Promoting our Trailblazing District – Meet Tecna – Animal Assisted Therapy program started in 2019
  • Ohio School Board Association delegate
  • Decreased bond interest to save us over $1 million 
  • Keeping costs down, for example:  careful hirings (27.3 teachers, 1.5 admins since 2018)